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Convert your paper or Excel checklists into digital inspection forms in minutes

Unlimited flexibility with customization

Build custom forms to get the exact information you need
Rename forms and fields to suit your business operations
Keep things easy for everyone by using already familiar terms
Work in the language of your choice
Mobile app in 14+ languages to support all users and organizations
Find and edit form entries faster with filters and search
Data is organized so that information can searched, filtered and analyzed instantly
Various field types including tables and multi-choice responses
Our superior form builder contains numerous field types to fit your imagined vision

Advanced form features

Enabling you with an app for detailed and practical execution
Schedule inspections with automatic reminders for staff
Schedule inspections so that your staff can work wihout the need of manual reminders
Create workflows that require multilevel approval
Increase accountability between teams by maker-checker workflows to enforce an approval process
Assign follow-ups with due dates and priority
Create actions & follow-ups with due dates to set priority and send email and app notifications
Enable scoring in forms
Calculate a score for every inspection by assigning different points to each response of a multi-choice question
Reply via text, photos and files with timestamps
Collect text replies, photo evidence and documents with log of date and time for future reference
GPS location of where form entries are being created
Keep track of where inspections are being conducted or where issues are being raised

Build to quality standards

Capture the valuable data you need with full control and access

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